A new employee from overseas may feel “I can’t communicate what I want to say in Japanese.”
Meanwhile, Japanese employees may be frustrated that they cannot understand what the new employee wants to say. VLJ will help remove these language barriers!
Communication between employees can be improved at your company.

  • Start
    from Any Level
  • Learn at Any Time
    from Any Location
  • 15 to 30 Minutes
    Per Lesson
  • An Abundance of
  • More Affordable than
    Japanese Schools
  • Start from Any Level

    Learning is made easy even for first-time Japanese-learners because of the visual learning style using cards and gestures. This allows for a clear understanding of difficult subjects like Keigo-formal Japanese, and Japanese particles. Learners will also understand the basic Japanese needed in work situations like introductions and answering phone calls.

  • Learn at Any Time from Any Location

    Lessons are available on smartphone, tablet, and other mobile devices, so learners can access them from anywhere. There are many videos and visuals that make it easy for the learner to stay interested and motivated.

  • Each Lesson is 15 to 30 Minutes Long

    VLJ is designed to understand the fundamentals of Japanese in short lessons that do not overwhelm the learner. Each lesson is only 15 to 30 minutes in length so learning can be done efficiently during commuting or during a few minutes of free time.

  • An Abundance of Implementation Experience

    We have experience in implementation for a wide range of customers including national research institutions, foreign governmental agencies, manufacturers, service industry companies, aviation corporations, and Japanese language schools.

  • More Affordable than Traditional Japanese Schools

    VLJ is based on the method used at Shinjuku Japanese Institute (Ezoe Method) and has successfully transferred Japanese school learning to an online format. There is no need for miscellaneous fees, including school entrance fees, so it is more affordable than attending a traditional Japanese language school.

Feedback from Customers

Global HRB
Representative Director

Gentaro Murakami

What is fabulous about VLJ is how it is designed to keep up the learner’s motivation.

Our company assists Japanese companies in hiring talent from overseas and we have included VLJ as part of our support proposals.

Language learning does not happen overnight, so I think the key is maintaining consistency in learning habits. What is fabulous about VLJ is how it is designed to keep up the learner’s motivation. It is unlike normal video-based e-learning materials. For example, the units are designed to be short, and the app used for reviews are set up like quiz games. I liked these unique features and that is why I included VLJ in my customer proposals. My customers have expressed their satisfaction with VLJ.

They appreciate the administrative feature that allows them to monitor learners. Learner progress and quiz results can be checked to see exactly which unit the learner is struggling in and where they need follow-up help to understand the material. These are aspects of VLJ that have received high praise from many customers.

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