Visual Learning .Japaneseis a Japanese language e-learning service that allows you to study Japanese with practical and correct grammar at your own pace.

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    from Any Level
  • Learn at Any Time
    from Any Location
  • 15 to 30 Minutes
    Per Lesson
  • An Abundance of Implementation Experience
  • More Affordable than Traditional Japanese Schools

VLJ is the optimal solution if your company faces the following problems.

VLJ solves the Japanese-learning challenges of your company.

  1. An employee has newly arrived from overseas and has trouble communicating with coworkers and supervisors.

  2. Employees need to learn practical Japanese while maintaining a healthy balance with their work schedule.

  3. Your new hire needs to learn Japanese language basics before coming to Japan so that they are ready to contribute immediately.

  4. Your company needs to move Japanese training online because of the pandemic but does not have the resources to do so.

Feedback from Our Customers

We have an abundance of implementation experience in various industries and have received praise from our customers in foreign government agencies, corporations, and Japanese language schools.

VLJ is my “Home Teacher.”

(Saudi Arabia-Male)

The grammar lesson videos were interesting and easy to understand.
VLJ was like a “Home Teacher,” because I was able to learn without getting bored!

You can use it anytime, from anywhere!


The app is really convenient.
I use it in the train, on the bus, and when I’m waiting for my friends. I’m really happy that I can keep up with my Japanese from anywhere.

You can learn alone!


I go to VLJ classes in person.
However, I became sick and had to miss 5 days of classes but was able to catch up by watching the videos on my own at home.

Why VLJ is the Leading Choice

Learning is fun with our text and audio and visuals on our learning website and app!

Visual Learning .Japanese(VLJ) Concept

Learn on Your Own Following the Text, Videos, and App

Optional Services

Use What You Learned in Real Life Conversation

Online Japanese Conversation Customized for the Learner’s Level

Material and Courses

  Level1(JLPT N5 Equivalent) Level2(JLPT N4 Equivalent) Level3(JLPT N3 Equivalent)
Features Beginner course to learn Japanese basics and grammar. Course to learn grammar used in everyday situations. Course to gain flexible communication skills for a variety of situations and relationships.
Instruction Languages English / Vietnamese / Chinese (Traditional) / Spanish / Indonesian English / Vietnamese / Chinese (Traditional) / Spanish / Indonesian English
*This optional service (for an extra fee) is conducted via online conferencing.
「Visual Learning Japanese」
Self-Learning Packages (Level 1,2,3)

32,780 JPY
for Each Course (tax incl.) E-learning Access for 6 Months

*There is an administrator ID available to monitor learner progress. 5,500 JPY Per ID for 6 Months.

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  2. Proposal

    After a consultation regarding objectives and number of students, we will prepare a proposal and cost estimate.

  3. Application

    Please review the proposal, and complete the application using the form provided.

  4. Start Learning

    Access the text and app from the customer page and users can start learning.

Cost and Application

VLJ can be purchased on Amazon for personal use.

*Level 3 is only available in English.

Japanese Learning

(JLPT N5 Equivalent)

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Improving Everyday Conversation,
Reading and Writing

(JLPT N4 Equivalent)

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Gaining Situational
Communications Skills

(JLPT N3 Equivalent)

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